Bloodborne Fan Concept: Viola & Gascoigne's Daughter
Bloodborne Fan Concept: Viola & Gascoigne's Daughter

A "what if?" concept for Bloodborne: 
What if Viola and Gascoigne's daughter survived the encounter with the giant pig? She would learn of her father's death in the hands of the player and seek vengeance. In her quest for power, she would initially join the Church for blood ministration, but eventually leave it when she learns of Forbidden Blood. This is her weapon. A modified axe reminiscent of her father's and modified to suite her small and nimble frame. 
She wields a serrated axe, which doubles as a scabbard for a hidden sword. Drawn like the Chikage, it is a combination of both Hunter and Vileblood weapon designs. 
She wears the Red Jeweled Brooche, which used to belong to her mother.

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