Jörmungandr Project: A Sci-fi Viking Theme Park Concept
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Beauty Shot of the tour boat ride that also serves as a shuttle around the whole park.

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Explorations for the theme park

Jörmungandr Project: A Sci-fi Viking Theme Park Concept

A concept project done for MIConcept + Design. ( www.miconceptdesign.com )
Backstory: A spacefaring people ran out of fuel and resources, and were forced to land on an uninhabited planet. Without the means to go back to space, they abandoned their ships and started a new life on the planet from scratch. They adopt a civilization similar to our Viking Age, except for devices scavenged from the old spacecrafts. We arrive to visit their planet some generations after their initial descent from space.

Named after the world serpent, Jörmungandr is a gorge formed by the crash-landing of a whole fleet of massive ships. It encircles the ancestral crash site, and serves as a place of history for the Settlers. It is where the first village was established, which functions as their capital. It is also the village with the most access to relic scavenging as it is built on top of a spacecraft graveyard. Visitors can tour and travel around the site by taking Drakkar Tour Boats along the river.

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