Kaiju: Giant Salamander
Van lawrence ching vanlawrenceching giantsalamander illustration

The Giant Salamander in its natural habitat.

Van lawrence ching vanlawrenceching giantsalamander sizechart

Isolated view of the design, and a scale chart comparing their height with the Ancient Bioweapon.

Van lawrence ching vanlawrenceching giantsalamander moveset

Move-set sketches exploring team-based animation and personalities.

Kaiju: Giant Salamander

The Giant Salamander lives in volcanic environments, and bathes in lava pits as if they were hot-springs. They are very social kaiju, and are often seen in packs of 3. They form extremely loyal bonds with their packs at a very young age, and would stay together for the rest of their lives.

I designed this character as if it were in a fighting game, including move-set explorations for how their sprites would behave. They (a pack of 3) would be treated as one fighter with one life bar, and controlled by one player.

The style is inspired by Mike Mignola.

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